Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reasons to Celebrate

Kevin and I feel very fortunate to have many reasons to celebrate this Holiday Season, a three day weekend not the least among them.  Currently at the top of our Grateful List are Debbie and Cherelle:

Debbie (on the left) hales from upstate New York, and moved down to the Land of Pleasant Living to join her fiance in Chestertown.  She began working with us early this fall and quickly became a cog in our wheel.  When LaVonte left us, she asked to take his spot, which makes her pretty much an all-around helpful staff member, from the mopping of the dining room floor to the prepping of lettuce for salad.  In addition, her excellent sense of humor serves her well when working with Kevin.  

Cherelle just joined us this month.  First she had one shift a week as a night time dishwasher; now she has five.  Yes, we actually have someone who comes in every night of the week and who, in the 2.5 weeks she has worked here, has not called out once.  I know that doesn't sound like much, but trust me, if you knew what we had been going through this fall, you would understand how important this is.  We said to her this past Saturday night "Cherelle, we really miss the drama and suspense we used to experience when we were never sure if we were going to have a full crew on the dish or not."  She replied "No you don't."  And she's right, we don't.  Between Debbie in the DayTime and Cherelle as half of the night crew, we are celebrating our very good fortune in that department.

We are celebrating that Brooks Tavern has had a very good year in 2011, despite the serious slowdown that December, as usual, brought to our door. Kevin and his very fine crew have worked hard for the restaurant's success and we celebrate them.

We celebrate the ever increasing supply of local culinary products that our area offers.  We are celebrating the pride that the Brooks Tavern dining room staff takes in securing their customers' satisfaction.  The fact that we have such a wonderful compilation of regulars is also worth a serious celebration.   We are celebrating the support we receive from our many purveyors, who often have to put up with Kevin's wrath when something goes wrong and who go out of their way to make things right when they can.  We have our family and friends to celebrate, who also support us mightily, as well as our LandLord who has the patience and temperament to deal with our many crises during the course of day to day activities that life in a restaurant never fails to bring. 

We are celebrating the LaMotte Wreath, as well as the incredibly celebratory tree that some jolly person has strung with lights at the corner of Morgnec and Perkins Hill Roads.  When first we drove by it one night this week we shrieked with glee (at least I did)  at its huge and glittering shape, visible for miles.  It has been a real treat along that stretch of the drive home each night, and we celebrate the family who decorated it for all the passers-by to enjoy.

And of course there are the usual things to celebrate this unique time of year - the fruited cakes and roasting geese, the homemade candies and steaming cocoa, the cheerful greetings and the seasonal tunes.  We celebrate the health, humor and love we share, which carries us through the challenges that each day  bring all year long.

Celebrate!  Here here!

Okay, now I gotta run out and try to find one more thing for Kevin's stocking...and better make one more batch of cookies...does anyone know where the stamps for the cards are?

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