Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve Prep Continued

The prep work for NYE is in high gear this morning, with all the day cooks arriving an hour early to get a jump.  The whole kitchen crew will be here by 1:00, and the night crew will probably be here until close to midnight.  It's a long day, but not without Procolino's Pizza for lunch!

Here are a few photos, with captions:

What the heck is that? on Kevin's desk?

Mandrell preps lobster.

Angie preps oyster mushrooms.

Kevin prepares the torchon of foie gras.

The logs of duck liver poach in duck stock.

Why would anyone keep a bucket of egg shells?  consomme!

Angie is making the pavlova roll.

The soft meringue will be sauced with sour cherries.

This is an industrial sized bowl of creme anglaise.

The goat cheese is being rolled up with brick pastry.

Angie is going to make 60 of these.

To smell this lobster butter was to go to heaven.

Mandrell and Brittany - the lunch line cooks - hard at work this morning.

Mandrell is on the lobster again.

Brittany is prepping the fennel.

Angie is rolling out tart shells.

Debbie has been working on the bushel of spinach for two days.
What time is lunch?

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  1. I remember my 10 minute lunch break at 3:00.:) Happy New Year to You and Kevin!