Saturday, December 31, 2011

One Final Post for 2011

The prepping is almost done.
A few more pics:

3-nut tarts in the oven.

Tarts cooling on the cart.

Angie filling the pavlova rolls with whipped cream.

Could this be our first guests of the evening?  They certainly seemed dressed for the occasion!

The 2011 Brooks Tavern cooks: Kevin Guertin, Angie Smith, Chef McKinney, Rodrigo Zacarias, Mandrell Moore, Megan Spry, Debbie Mattoon and Brittany Phillips.  A hard working, reliable and terrific group of co-workers.  The day crew has gone for the year (!) and the night shift will take over - their job is to put all the pieces of the puzzle together on the plates for the dining pleasure of our New Year's Eve guests.  And then, clean it all up!

Happy New Year!

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