Thursday, January 12, 2012

Weekly Prix-fixe Report

Last night's menu was extremely tempting.  And we had plenty, so there was never any danger of running out!

First course was a ricotta and pine nut filled cannelloni, sauced with tomato.

And of course Kevin's meat loaf is always a winner.  I've actually had people say, in a low whisper, that it is better than their ________ makes.  And in that spot you can insert "wife", "mother" or even "I".  The dessert, bread pudding with caramel sauce, never made it to the photo stage.  We were pretty busy last night, both with the menu and with a la carte.  Plus I had a no-show bus girl, which added a bit to everyone's load.  Don't know why she failed to make it in, probably just misread her schedule, but Kaitlyn held up as best she could on her own.  And of course the money was all her own too!

Other food we've seen over the past two weeks - this pate salad from lunch last week, featuring some of Kevin's NYE pate on a salad of winter greens.  

Also at lunch, the open face burrito, first garnished with the goat cheese en brick, later topped with grated cheese and a dollop of sour cream.  Either way, very satisfying.

We served the quail stuffed with foie gras and wild rice on Saturday night, which one diner exclaimed was even bettter than the NYE presentation.  

And the U-10 scallop on tuna was another popular choice on Saturday.  One comment - last night - was that the scallop tasted like "sugar, it is so sweet".  Nice.  P.S. - Kevin always buys what is termed "dry" scallops, which are not injected with whatever they inject them with to make them plump.  When it doubt, it doesn't hurt to ask...

Things seem to be emerging from the post-holiday slowdown; at least weeknights are a little bit better.  This weekend is a holiday for some, so that brings us an extra patron or two.  There have been the usual kinks in staffing, especially Kentrall's absence since Christmas week, which we've so far, for the most part, covered.  (I wasn't bussing at lunch yesterday because I wanted to though.) 

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