Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Ever Exciting Wednesday Report

Coq au Vin was the entree for last night's prix-fixe menu, and it is bound to find some version of itself on the next menu - which would be in mid-March, I am hoping - if the positive response to it was enough votes.  It not only loooked as good as chicken can possibly look, it smelled heavenly when we served it.  It was preceded by a Caesar salad and followed by a flourless chocolate torte, neither of which earned photo rights for some unknown reason.  The menu was quite popular with the early crowd - of which there were many - but not so much with the late bunch - of which there were many.  We had a few post Valentine's celebrants in the mix, which was nice.

In other news, we will be celebrating our Fifth Birthday this coming May.  How about that?  Between now and then I will be planning a variety of ways to honor our customers who have been so supportive of us, and have paved the way for us to reach the Five Years Old anniversary.  I have to come up with ideas that don't involve extra work for Kevin, or at least that he doesn't think involves extra work for him.

That reminds me that our Thursday Burger Mania special began last year around this time.  Up until then, we had been struggling with slow Thursday nights and trying to come up with an idea that would bring in more business yet not be more work for Kevin.  Well, we sure succeeded - beyond any hopes - of filling the empty seats, but it definitely has not been without additional effort from The Chef.  Oh Well.  

I have succeeded in reducing my man hours on the floor, however.  (Funny how that works...)  Kentrall has been hosting at lunch for me which has provided valuable hours in which I can keep up on my paperwork, shop online, plan my ordering, surf the web, do some wine research, check FaceBook, pay bills and all the other office work that is the main reason for my existence.  He is a big help to Nicole - who, in her eighth month of pregnancy, needs a little extra help - and is great with the guests. This week he is picking up a bit more responsibility during service, so he can help out even more when she is on maternity leave next month.  He has been working here for about 18 months, in the dish room and on the floor, and we hope to have many more with him.

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