Friday, February 10, 2012

Hendrick's Gin

We have several customers, our landlord among them, who prefer the unusual taste of Hendrick's Gin over all others.  Generally they require a cucumber garnish, as opposed to the traditional olive or twist.  I like it myself and it has been on our back shelf ever since it came out in 1999.  At Hell's Point Seafood in Annapolis, during a summer trip over the bay last year,  I alerted to the huge dummy bottle of Hendricks they had perched on their bar.  I coveted it immediately and began bugging my salesman for one.

He came through yesterday.  The giant six liter bottle dwarfs the normal liter that we carry.  Acquiring that cool bottle for our bar is the highlight of my winter - and doesn't that tell you something about the life I lead?

Shaken, not stirred.


  1. Barb....I totally get's a very cool acquisition. Today at another restaurant in SW Florida, there was a gathering of CHS Alums..old broads all of us (speak for yourself Shari)....but feeling young today hashing out some high school memories....heck a couple of us even had on red and white. Brooks Tavern came up in the conversation......and it was unanimous.....hands down the favorite place to dine. I'm not kidding. Shari Herr Keen

  2. You are too kind Shari. Hope you and Parker are having a good winter!