Thursday, February 09, 2012

Wednesday Report

Last night's prix-fixe started with one of Kevin's soon-to-be-famous sausages - duck this time - on a chickpea cake with goat cheese cream and herb oil.  The sausage was a bit of a surprise and certainly added a whole new dimension to the menu.

The main event featured Kevin's already-famous meatloaf, this time with a bit of curry in it to change it up.  His meat loaf is always good, hot or cold, and this was no exception.  The curry aspect was very subtle, just enough to add a little "je ne sais quoi" to the meal. 

For dessert, diners received a slice of this tangy orange glazed orange angle food cake, a nice light ending to a meat centric meal on a rainy (not snowy) February night. 

I've been saying these past few weeks that for January business hasn't been too bad.  I won't be saying that for February.  Good grief it's been slow!  This past Tuesday was one of the slowest days on record, especially dinner.  Not that we mind so much, a slow Tuesday.  But Wednesday wasn't a whole lot better and neither was last week.  First Friday, while not always that great, was a complete bust.  I think we closed at 8:30, to no one's disappointment.  Has February become the new January? 

Of course there could still be confusion over our vacation dates...

Vacation is in two weeks.  Someone suggested yesterday that I broadcast that fact as a way to activate our customers into coming in before we close for three weeks.  "Only two more weeks to get your oyster fritter fix until March!" or something of that sort.  Maybe.  But frankly I don't think there is much more to do about it - it's February, people are away or waiting for VD or just cocooning at home, pretending to be snowed in.  We've been so fortunate this winter, to not be completely dead, that a few weeks of down business toward the end is not really coming as a surprise.  We order accordingly.  We close a bit early.  We are stress free.  The one thing we don't do is cut staff, aside from sending a busser home early now and then.  We all need all the hours we can get right now.

On to other news:  one of the most popular red wines we've served of late has been the recently introduced Purple Cowboy Tenacious Red, from Paso Robles in California.  I cannot recall where I first read about this wine, but I do remember that they mentioned, as an aside, that it was the best selling wine at Target!  What a hoot!  I didn't necessarily consider that a promising recommendation, but hey, it is good, and it has been very well received by our dining public.  I've been ordering a case a week, this week two.  It knocked the last favorite - a malbec no less - right off the pedestal, and has succeeded in shaking off any other competitor as well.  Why the name?  Because the wines are so rich they turn the Rhone Rangers teeth red...  I gather it is also available at Pip's and Lewes Dairy in Chestertown. 

Okay, so don't forget - only two more weeks to get in your oyster fritter fix until vacation arrives!!

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  1. Barbara,

    So happy you are still open in February! Coming in from Mill Valley CA on the 16th. Nick and I will find you guys:) Thanks to you and Kevin for serving up a menu equivalent to the very best here.