Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Chef Works on His Birthday

Boy, did he.  Lunch not so much, but dinner service was screaming busy, for some unknown reason.

Jan and Gill made their annual appearance with the appropriate head-gear for the Birthday Chef - although it might not have been good for wearing on the line...

The appearance of brother Tom in the middle of service made it a special night.  Tom sat at the kitchen table for dinner and entertained visitors from the dining room.  

If there is one thing the Chef likes to do on his day off, it's cook.  Cook with fire, that is.  This Sunday's plan was to put a couple of roasts from Bill's pig onto a spit in front of some flames and watch them go from raw to roasted out in the back yard.  It was hugely successful:

The twin roasts are skewered on the rotisserie.

The slowly spinning pork is stuffed with garlic and laced with rosemary.
Here's the arrangement from the fire side.

They are on the spit for three hours - slowly, slowly spinning, roasting.
Things are starting to look pretty tasty.

That crackling skin is blistered and glistening.

The final results: one is a little closer to perfection than the other.  Flavor wise - very porky, brine was good, but the end cuts were a little over cooked.  I think it was so much fun watching them cook, he didn't want to stop! but they could probably have come off the rotisserie about 20 minutes sooner. 

Thanks, John, for the loan of the Auspit - it was sensational!

Happy Birthday Chef Kevin!

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  1. The neighbors must have loved the smell of roasting pork!