Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wednesday Report

Kevin made goat and ricotta cheese gnocchi for the first course of the menu last night.  He sauced it with a recipe he's had since the Country Fare Inn days - tomato, mushrooms and olive.  The gnocchi were nice and light and not too "goaty", at least to my non-goat cheese eating palate!

Fresh ham followed.  I think you can serve ham now, but next week, just before Easter, not so much.

Dessert was a slice of Angie's lemon glazed angel food cake, which more than a few people ordered a la carte as well.  

I had to share this picture of a case of French wine I got in the week:

"How to Preserve the Opening Ceremony 
with a Screwcapped Bottle"
How funny!!  So, from now on, when we are opening a bottle of screw-topped wine, we will remember to open it sort of like champagne - move the bottle, not the cap!!  Ha!  and all this time I thought my method of unscrewing the cap with a flourish, and presenting it to the table was the way to do it!

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