Thursday, March 15, 2012

We Love Our Jobs, We Love Our Jobs...

We do we do we do.  It's just that, coming off of three weeks downtime, you forget the reality of people places and things that are necessarily a part of the equation that equals said job.  Employees are the number one necessity, and as most business owners know, they are also - dare I say it?- the most problematic.  We came back to work on Tuesday, for a half day of prep, menu planning, and meetings with the staff.  Well, most of us came back.  One person got the day wrong and thought we weren't returning until Wednesday.  Another was at the hospital.  And the third had a conflict that was not resolvable.  Okay, fair enough, we weren't "open" yet, we just wanted everyone on the same page to start off the New Year right.  So, let's get to Wednesday...this time only two people are out.  One is excused, the other, well, he didn't have any clean pants to wear (and yes, I am talking about you, young man).  He finally came in, wearing jeans that were fine, but I mean really, there are times when we find ourselves not only in the role of boss but also as a surrogate parent (as in "do you have your uniform ready for the first day back to work tomorrow honey?").  That being said - and I am seriously not in a rant here, just sharing - we are very lucky to have such a great crew here at BT, and very lucky that they all came happily back to work with us this week.  (at least I hope it is happily...)

Anyway, here's a few pictures of what's been going out on the plates so far, with captions:

Kevin's new "Pullman" loaf, which is the base for the Tidewater Monte Cristo.

The piccolo frito has the added crunch of string beans, with the lemon garlic vinaigrette for dipping.

"Escoffier" style fried chicken is off to an excellent start.

This will eventually be the scallop dish, with penne and house made andouille, but last night it was with shrimp...

Last night's fish was this fluke, with toasted almonds and capers.

No explanation necessary here - shad roe has hit the market early!

Kevin's version of Angel's on Horseback feature fried oysters on crispy pork belly - gluten free!

Also gluten free, a new lunch item of shrimp stuffed poblano pepper, with black beans and rice.

The new spinach salad at lunch, featuring pineapple and more of that pork belly, aka "bacon steak", may need some tweaking, as the large piece of belly is a little fatty for our average lunch customer...

The chicken breast on the salad with chopped romaine, jicama and avocado is on the right track, however.

The steak sandwich is now on this French baguette.

And here's Kevin's desk, all neat and tidy, ready for the new year.  Mine is still a bit of a work in progress, but it's getting there!

Welcome Back!

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