Friday, April 06, 2012

Alec and Sue

It was some serious burger mania last night, and we had Alec and Sue Dick at the kitchen table, witnessing first hand our organized chaos.  The Dicks are pretty much weekly regulars - Sue can be found at the bar most Tuesdays, dining on her vegetarian plate.  Sometimes she is joined by her husband, sometimes not.  Sometimes he just stops by to grab a piece of her bread, when he is out biking around the neighborhood.  We're on to him.  Anyway, they were the perfect couple to sit in the kitchen last night, while all around them was some of the craziest frenzy ever.  It all started around 6:00, when the hordes of hungry diners began to crowd into the doorway and it continued right up until the 8:00 closing hour.  We actually ran out of burgers at 7:15, which left a couple of people a bit disappointed - we tried to appease a few with the offer of MeatLoafWich - but that was how popular that burger with bacon and Vermont cheddar was. 

Can you believe I actually got a smile out of Alec?  

Anyway, it was one of those nights where I barely made it to a single table, let alone have more than a minute to chat with some of the usual suspects.  It went by in a blur, as we all tried to get the orders in and the food out.  I was especially grateful that we had Kentrall on the trays - Jen and Ashley would have been deep in the weeds without his able assistance. And it was so much fun having Sue and Alec in the kitchen - every now and then I'd stop by their table and go "Wow! it's really busy!" and they'd respond with amazement at how it was all going down around them.  

We are looking forward to a bustling holiday weekend.  And then we are looking forward to our weekend!

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