Thursday, April 05, 2012

Post Wednesday Plus

First course on the prix-fixe last night was this polenta, made with fresh mint, roasted garlic and pine nuts on a tomato bed.

This was followed by meatloaf, always a favorite.  Dessert was chocolate cake with chocolate sauce.  Altogether a pretty homey meal, with enough "Kevin" touches to bring it up to BT speed.  

I have to include this picture of a St. Brigid's Farm beef special we did on Saturday night - the filet, wrapped with bacon and topped with fried oysters.  Talk about "surf and turf"!  It looked fabulous.

Last night was also a special menu for the the Donaghys - hope I've got that spelled right! - who came in for a celebratory dinner arranged by his parents.  Their menu was a total surprise to them - a Chef's Menu For Two.  After they got seated and were armed with a little wine, the parade of plates began:

First, a little "crab toast", with capers.

Then, an "Angel on Horseback" - the fried oyster on pork belly.

Next up, some of that polenta with a shrimp on top. 

 A meat course follows - duck confit on bibb lettuce 
with sesame orange vinaigrette.

 For the fish, they are served a piece of cod with a rice cake, some spinach and a vinaigrette of spiced citrus.

For the final course they were served the rest of the duck - the breast - cooked nice and rare.  They seemed to enjoy the array of plates, and even managed to eat the dessert of brownies with ice cream and sauce.  

These Chef's Dinners are a lot of fun, for both the kitchen and the diners.  Last night was a great night to do it too, because the dining room was not that busy, meaning Kevin could give it a lot of focus.  It makes a special night even that more special, especially for adventuresome eaters!

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