Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Interns and Babies

First big news of the week, Brooks Tavern welcomes a new intern - Rock Hall native son, Matt Dowling.  Matt is in the culinary program at Chesapeake College, which requires a 60 hour internship.  Matt chose BT for his internship experience, and we hope to provide him with plenty of experience and insight as he moves about our kitchen.  It's gotta go better than the last time we sponsored one of these interns, right?

And yes, the other big news is that Nicole finally came in with the new baby, seen here being "held" by big brother Noree.  Harlyn is a sweet little bundle of cuteness - bounding out of mommy in what must have been a stressful 17 minutes - no time for Easton, she barely got to the emergency room at CRHC.  

Nicole did not want me to take her picture, in all of her glory, but I did anyway.  Both are doing well, and while we are proud of our little mama, we sure can't wait till the doctor says she can come back to work!  Ashley, Lisa and Kentrall are, for now, picking up the slack, but that's going to get old soon - how many doubles can a person work?  (wait a minute, I know the answer to that one!)   Of course Nicole picked a very busy Tuesday night - who knew that a Tuesday night could actually be that busy? - so we didn't get to visit too much, but hopefully she'll make a return appearance and be able to show off the new baby to everyone in the dining room too.

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