Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Few Photos

Mr. Kilby Cream himself stopped by the other day, and left Kevin a half-gallon of their luscious chocolate milk. We will be featuring their ice cream in our Taste of the Town booth in a few weeks.  

Saturday night our regular salad cook - Megan - was out with a bad back, so Kevin "suggested" to Cherelle that she give the position a try.  She. Did. Great!  It was the second double shift in a row for her - she is the day time porter in real time - but you would never have known, from the energy and enthusiasm she threw into the job.  Thank you so much Cherelle!

Kevin is into skewers lately.  Above is a chicken and sausage skewer we served at lunch, on top of salad greens and balsamic vinaigrette.  Below is pictured the calves liver and sausage version, wrapped in bacon, with tomato and polenta, which was the Saturday night special small plate. 

And this, of course, is first BT crabcake of the 2012 season.  One of the finest compliments was paid to it on Saturday - as good as, if not better than homemade!  That is truly serious praise, since everyone compares a restaurant crabcake to either their own or their mother's recipe - and here someone said that ours is better than any other!  Yay!! and gluten free to boot!  FYI - crabsteak will return this week.

 When we hear that "shave and a haircut" tune on our doorbell, we know it can only mean one thing: Cathy Redman is at the back door!  And this morning, she's bearing a flat of fresh cut asparagus, direct from the farm right down the road at Baker's Lane.  Whoopee! the season has begun.  Kevin is showing just how excited he is, poor Cathy!

And, just so you know, we did not go hungry at home this weekend.  Paella!  How can we work this onto the menu?

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