Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Two Things Maryland Is Doing Right

Believe it or not, some things are going right in the Maryland legislature. The first was last year's passage of the law which finally allowed winos consumers to have wine shipped to them directly from the winery.  The second one just happened on Tuesday - restaurants will now be able to offer you the opportunity to bring your own special bottle of wine to enjoy with your meal.  This is way overdue - and actually contested by none other than our very own restaurant association when it first became an issue.  Of course if a restaurant doesn't want to offer a corkage, they can choose not to, but I doubt too many would object.  Why would you, especially if it's a really special bottle and you are offered a taste, hmmm?

As far as that wine-in-the-mail thing, Kevin and I have recently entered into an exciting new relationship with Turley winery in California.  Turley is known for their outrageously good zinfandel, and their wines are not available through the three tier system in Maryland.  Last year, while in the California wine country, Kevin visited Turley and got himself on the wait list to be on the mailing list and subsequently the buying list for Turley's wines.  We finally got the email this fall - we're on the list! - and this spring got notice of our first allocation.  We were allowed to chose five bottles of wine.  We of course chose all five, and they arrived via UPS a week or so ago:

Now please note, these were purchased personally for personal consumption - just in case Big Brother is watching.  This isn't enough Turley to share with anyone anyway.  Well, except maybe with Jean.  And okay, Tom.  But that's it.

And, just in case, the box had this warning on the outside:


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