Friday, April 27, 2012

Goings On

Just a few pics from a few events from Thursday:

We finally got some cook shirts for Mandrell, who has been here working the lunch line since October of last year.  He looks a little nervous in this picture, like maybe we're expecting more of him now that he's wearing his whites? 

Robert Fry (second from the left) and Judy Gifford (obvious), owners of St. Brigid's Farm in Kennedyville,  the source for all of our hamburger meat and supplier of all of our veal, brought some of their peers in for lunch yesterday.  They were hosting a group of like-minded farmers, several of whom raise beef for Pineland Farms (the co-op from which we purchase our very popular strip steaks).  They were visiting because they were interested in seeing how their product could go from field to restaurant.  In their honor, Kevin made a special using some of Robert and Judy's beef.  He braised the shank to make a filling for a poblano pepper, saucing it with a rich tomato and onion gravy.  Robert was the only one who ordered it! Everyone else had either a burger from SBF beef or their own Pineland Farms steak sandwich. 

Kevin has a starter in the walk-in, which is five years old - started (as it were) when we opened here.  He's been  using it for our bread but enhances it with some commercial yeast, because he just didn't have the confidence that it would do the job.  Yesterday he proved himself wrong, as the above loaves show.  They were made without commercial yeast, and were perfect (if large) in crust and flavor. 

Always something going on in the Brooks Tavern Kitchen, eh?

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