Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wednesday Report

We had more excitement than we like last night, at the start of dinner service.  Rhianna - busgirl - was standing by the bar, chatting with Val, when she commented that she felt "dizzy".  Next thing you know, crash!  she is flat out on the floor.  I was in the kitchen at the time, where we heard the yelps of surprise that followed the thump of Rhianna.  Kevin called 911 and we all hovered over her, not really knowing what to do.  We had a couple of guests in the dining room, and one of them hurried over to assist us - mostly reminding us to leave her be.  

Of course I took pictures.  There was no blood, so...

The first EMS personnel got here within minutes, and was quickly taking Rhianna's blood pressure. (I don't think I've ever seen anyone quite so pale.)  Eventually the entire ambulance crew, with gurney, came in and hauled our girl away to the hospital.  She had given blood earlier in the day, and, as young girls are wont to do, had not eaten since.  Nor had she drunk any water, most likely.  She came back just as we were leaving for the night, after her parents picked her up at CRMC, to assure us that she was fine - and from now on, they recommend she only give platelets!

I am not sure what a community would do without their volunteer rescue squad...

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

First course on last night's prix-fixe menu was a bowl of spinach and ricotta cheese gnocchi, with garbanzo beans, in a light broth.  

This was followed by a boneless pork chop, topped with mushrooms and a couple of slices of Kevin's mozzarella, melted under the salamander.  

Dessert - bread pudding with caramel sauce.  We put a little extra sauce on the bread pudding.  This would be because, well, I made it, and I added the amount of sugar that goes into the cream caramels, not the bread pudding.  Which would be a lot less sugar than the recipe calls for.  What did I learn?  That we could really cut back on the sugar in the bread pudding recipe...

Roy stopped in yesterday with the finished knife rack for our approval.  He turned the dowels a little, to "fancy" it up, and the results were spectacular!

The rack stayed on the kitchen tall-top all day, 
for everyone to enjoy. 

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