Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's Tuesday, Again

Tuesday is our Monday.  First day of the work week.  Usually we drive up to the loading dock a little after 7AM to find the driver from Chef's Warehouse patiently waiting in his truck so he can unload our order.  This morning - new driver.  He was looking for someone, anyone, to accept the order.  When we drove up he was walking around the front of the building.  He'd been here since 6:30, so he was getting a little anxious. 

Kevin begins his week putting away this big order.  I begin mine by doing the work I didn't do when we came into the office yesterday.  Coming in on Mondays is never my idea of a good time, but sometimes it's necessary to keep ahead of the eight ball that can become a snow ball if some things aren't done in a timely fashion.  For instance, it's payroll this week, and it would be nice to get that done - or at least started -  on Monday.  Which is what I did yesterday: got it started.  Added a new employee, entered some advances, added a direct-deposit, printed the report for the pay period.  

After being here for about 90 minutes on our day "off", it's time for me to go.  We generally go out to eat lunch on Mondays, no matter where we are, and yesterday was lunch at the FishWhistle.  We always eat in the bar.  I just like it better in that room.  Kevin had the crabcake and I had what I always have - the Wedge.  It seems that I am one of those people who usually orders the same thing, depending on the restaurant.  At the BlueBird, I just about always have the Tuna Melt.  At Procs, it's their big green salad and a slice of Margherita.  And so it goes,  same thing, different restaurant.  Kevin switches it around a bit, although at the BlueBird he is partial to the Club.

Going out for lunch on Mondays is the only thing that makes coming in to work palatable.

Along that line, those of us here in UpHi are pretty excited about Uncle Charlie's Bistro opening in the old Red Brick Pizza spot.  Jammin' Jesse's Chuck is a hard working owner-operator, who has been looking to get into a new location, with a more "full-service" attitude, for quite some time.  We look forward to adding UCB to our Monday lunch rotation. 

It was a slow weekend.  We were slow Friday lunch, slow Friday night, average Saturday lunch and slowish again on Saturday night.  Luckily we were low on some meat items and the seafood items were what sold, so no issues with product, just issues with revenue in general.  (We take the good with the bad, however, and so far this spring has been pretty good.)

One of the meat specials we offered on Friday night was a veal and asparagus crepe.  St. Brigid's Farm veal, of course, and Redman's asparagus.  Gotta love it.  And guess who was among the guests who enjoyed it?
It was Robert Fry and Judy Gifford -
 the owners of St. Brigid's Farm. 

It looked pretty good.

Roy just stopped by, with his prototype knife holder - a beautiful copy of the ones we saw in NYC and which we had immediately thought to suggest to Roy as an addition to the useful wooden tools he offers at this website, Shippen Creek.  He already makes some really beautiful stuff - all with locally harvested wood - but this seemed right up his alley.  I think he's nailed it. (ha!)

One of our breakfast sandwiches from last week featured those really tasty New Jersey Dogs from Thumann's.  Note the vegetables - always important at Breakfast. 

So far, the first few hours of Tuesday have been relatively normal - a couple of deliveries, everyone has arrived to work in a timely fashion (!!!),  and the coffee machine is blowing out every plug we put it into.  Oh well, you know there had to be something.  Luckily, Clarence from S&D coffee was just here and we should be able to catch him before he gets too far out of town. 

We'll see what the rest of the week holds.  At least we know there will be good food involved!


  1. Once again I have to commend you for the way you highlight other restaurants in town.......gracious and genuine on your part. We plan on seeing you before the week is out. Shari

  2. So ... did you solve "The Case of the Disapearing Dishwasher"? Inquiring minds want to know. Well, at least one of us does. Crepes look yummy, by the way.

    1. Yes. I called him at his other job (I was desperate!) and he called me back later in the day. He just made a mistake taking the job we offered with the limited hours available, and finally just couldn't take it - no reason to walk out, but I could understand. We agreed no hard feelings, just a simple misunderstanding. Happens.

    2. You are indeed very "gracious."