Friday, April 13, 2012

Truely Blue


From the Maryland Department of Natural Resources:
3) Seafood Marketing — True Blue Program
The purpose of this regulation is to create program that would promote blue crab harvested from
Maryland. The 'True Blue' certification program will allow restaurants serving Department-verified
Maryland blue crab product to use a special logo in marketing or advertising the product. Currently, it is
unclear to consumers whether they are purchasing blue crab product that was actually harvested in
Maryland. By providing this certification program and logo, consumers will be more aware of what they
are purchasing and food service establishments serving Maryland harvested blue crab and Maryland blue
crab harvesters, wholesalers, and dealers will benefit from the ability to market their product. The action
provides for the application and participation of the program. The action also provides penalties for a
food service establishment who illegally uses the logo.
Submission to AELR 3/30

My brother sent me a link to the Baltimore Sun article regarding this new program from the DNR, and I say it's about time.  For a little while we were putting our own "statement" on our menus - and maybe we should go back to that for the interim - that we used only fresh Maryland crabmeat, as opposed to the imported or canned variety.  Everyone charges the same price for their crab cakes, but those using the imported meat pay a lot less for their product than those of us who use the real deal.  It is important that the consumer know what they are paying for, don't you think? 

Now the watermen just need to find more people to pick those crabs...

FWIW - Brooks Tavern got their first delivery of Maryland Crab Meat on Thursday April 5th.  We can't wait to sport our True Blue logo!


  1. If there was a "like" button on your blog (like Facebook) I would definitely click it! I think many people are unaware that they are not eating Maryland crab meat. Can't wait to see the logo on your menu and website!