Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Monday

In the office on Monday - never a first choice but generally a necessity - and I thought I'd post a picture of our princesses busgirls in their prom finery.  Kara and Mallory stopped by on Saturday night for a quick photo.  They were so beautiful; I imagine every parent must cry bittersweet tears, when they see the young women their teenagers turn into, as they step into the living room dressed like movie stars.  I almost cried!  I hope they had a most wonderful night.

Saturday was the night before WashColl graduation, always a fun time at Brooks Tavern.  We started out with 4 large parties booked throughout the night - and these were reservations made way in advance, for the most part - and by 5PM only two were still coming, despite being confirmed at 10 AM.  The second of those showed up as a four at their appointed hour, so we ended up with one 9 and a 7 that called at 6PM and took a 7:30 reservation.  I don't know how the other restaurants do it, the ones that take all size reservations.  Does the same thing happen to them?  It is just crazy, and not a night I anticipate with pleasure.  Luckily we expect this pattern and can tell our other callers that it won't be as busy as they think, since locals stay away and we have plenty of walk-in seating which might not be the case elsewhere.   In the end we had a busy hour or two, with Tabitha and Kentrall filling in on the bus for our two prom queens.  

The food was good, that is certain.  Check out this pasta special that Kevin put out - house made fettuccine with crab, Smithfield ham and asparagus. 

The tuna came with a mound of tortilla chips and roasted tomatillo salsa.  The green vegetable is some of Redmans' young kale, surprisingly (to me) sweet and tasty.  

Kevin is still in his "dumpling" phase - in this case a duck summer roll with sweet-and-sour sauce. 

He managed to step out from behind the line for a minute on Saturday night and snap this photo of our neighbors, Bobby and Carol Baxter, enjoying their meal on Table Six.  

May has been on the quiet side.  It has been a little boring, frankly.  The only good thing to come out of it is that is gives Kevin a lot more time to "fool around" with stuff, which he loves.  It will probably get busy when Kev is gone and we have a new guy on the line to train...

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