Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's Thursday Again!

Time for the post menu wrap-up!  We had quite the surge of guests last night, starting at around 6:15 and lasting for a good hour.  The menu, featuring Kevin's always good meatloaf, was not the draw it usually is, but that didn't matter, as long as the diners were there. 

The starter was a goat cheese flan atop a small spinach salad with balsamic dressing.  This dish may lead Kevin to the answer to his latest quest for a new spinach salad.

Kevin says "Barbara, you've got plenty of pictures of meatloaf" and I replied "Not a tray full like this shot!"  And that was before Blogger made it go sideways!  Good meatloaf, as always, will make an even better MeatLoafWich at lunch today.

Dessert was a slice of coffee-almond Tortoni, one of my personal favorites.  And easy - just whipped cream and whipped egg whites folded together with a little sugar, coffee extract and ground almonds, frozen in a loaf pan.  We sauced it with some chocolate sauce.  Rather similar in shape to the meatloaf, isn't it?  We should have recognized that earlier and made the flan the same shape!  ha!

In other news, of course it's Memorial Day Weekend coming up, the (un)official start of the long awaited summer season.  Chestertown begins summer with the annual Tea Party Festival, which runs the entire weekend downtown.   There is food, crafts, reenactments, music and a parade.  What more could you want at a small town event?  Best of all is the Raft Race, held at Wilmer Park on Sunday - my personal favorite, and actually the only part of the Tea Party I have been to in many years, work getting in the way on Saturdays.  A lot of locals grumble about the TP, and many grumbles are justified - trampled lawns, competition from the street vendors, roads closed - but it's basically only one day of inconvenience.  FYI, we will have plenty of (free) parking in our lot, and the A.C. will be on, the food will be served to you on china plates and there will certainly be no long lines.  Just sayin'...

Deliveries of fresh produce from Redman's have recently included strawberries, romaine lettuce, early onions, broccoli and the probable last flat of asparagus.  Not only is it great to have this available to us from a local grower, but it comes right into our back door, fairly priced and of the highest quality we could imagine.  We are so lucky.   New this year: Kevin is texting his requests to Cathy!  so high tech!

The other annual events this holiday weekend are beach traffic and cook-outs.  We plan on the latter.  

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