Saturday, May 26, 2012

T-Party Saturday

Not typically our busiest lunch of the year.

Got a few pics to post while I kill time do projects during service:

John Maniscalco delivers his beautiful bibb lettuce and gets a little snack for his trouble.  John is in the park every Saturday with his Chesapeake Greenhouse lettuces, and never fails to perk up our kitchen when he arrives with his product.  He is one cool cat.

Some stunning strawberries from Redmans also came through the back door this week, hand-picked and delivered by Bill Kelly himself.  Their romaine is pretty awesome too, dark and healthy. 

We offered a cold seafood plate as one of the specials last night, and it went over pretty well.  Some poached salmon, shrimp and a crab salad with some cold boiled potatoes on a bed of greens.  Pretty standard fare, you think, until you taste one of the potatoes.  It tastes of the sea!  that's because Kevin boiled them in the poaching liquid left over from the shrimp - they were boiled in shrimp stock which left them tasting faintly of seafood, marrying so well with the rest of the plate.  How does he think of these things?

The St. Brigid's Farm veal special was all about the sauce, IMHO.  Not that the veal wasn't spectacular, with it's filling of feta cheese and arugula, but that sauce...made it.

And look who came in to see us this morning, in her little summer sunsuit and a purple bow in her hair?  Harlynn is looking cuter and cuter every time I see her. Her eyelashes are so long, they actually touch her eyebrows!  She had a couple bad days a week or so ago, but things are looking up now and she is happy as can be.  

It's been a fun week at BT - with the added bonus that (so far) no one has called out all week!  and we think maybe no one did last week either?  Wow, that has got to be a world record.  Thursday was some serious burger mania, with burger maniacs all over the dining room, going from table to table, greeting family and friends.  At one point a whole gaggle was exchanging hugs in the middle of the room.  It was way too much fun!  Last night was almost the direct opposite - busy (and loud), but not much interaction table to table.  As one regular put it, "Who are all these people?"  Still, there's nothing like an influx of new faces to stimulate business.  As I replied, "I don't know, but I sure am happy to see them!"

Okay, it's almost one o'clock.  We've had about five tables for lunch, and right now they have all left and the dining room is completely devoid of customers...

Note to self - next year, close for lunch on T-Party...


  1. Well....I for one would have loved to have been at BT.....but kind of hemmed in down here in Wilmer Park. I admit to pretty much staying in the A/C rather than elbowing thru the crowd. Ummmm aaaa...well....I think I might know who you are talking about "in the hugging scene". BT's hometown atmosphere does that to us. Shari