Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Taste of the Town Report

We had a good time on Sunday at the Taste of the Town event.  Our dish was perfect - easy to set up, easy to serve, easy to break down.  And since this was our day off, that is exactly the way we had hoped it would go.  We could relax and enjoy the crowds, handing out sliders to all comers.  We sold our t-shirts and included a free slider with each one!  Such a deal!  The only downside was that we were not able to leave our booth, since there were only the two of us - we needed a helper so we could run around and mingle with our peers.  

A few came by to say hello - Jeff Carrol brought us a couple jars of his homemade salsas, which he made from produce from his garden last year.  

Herb came over with a couple bowls of his most excellent chili - we didn't get to try a lot of stuff, since we were stuck at our booth, but what we did try was great.  Herb put some kind of crunchy things on top of the chile - what were those?  It was good!

Mimo's stuffed mozzarella was really tasty - ham and basil rolled around fresh mozz, what more could you want?  Mimo's mom was there, helping out.  We sent her a slider too.

The line to get in was quite long at noon.  The doors opened at 12:10, once Erika got everyone inspected.

We were between Sal from Procolino's and Sisters By Chance catering.  Not a bad spot.  Sal brought us a plate of his pasta, and we traded a slider for one of the Chance sister's pulled pork sandwiches.  

I pointed the camera over the crowds to get a bird's eye view - it appeared that there was a very good turn-out.  Our booth was a little slow in the beginning, but once people were ready for dessert, we were bustling. 
Rodrigo - far left - came by with his family, including his Mom (center).  Rodrigo works the dinner line with us, and we are trying to convince his parents to come sit at the kitchen table sometime to see him in action.

We told Bill that if he would wear the shirt, we'd give him a second free slider!  Ha!

Another satisfied customer!

This is Mike, from United Shellfish, stopping by to say hey.

And our day ended with a dead battery - flashers left on a bit too long...  I wish I had taken Chef Bernie's picture with Kevin, when he came by to say hello, since he was the one who turned around in traffic to give us a jump.  Thanks Bernie!!

Overall we had a great time and I hope the event was a good one for the DCA.  I'm pretty sure we've got our signature ToT item, good for the next few years at least!


  1. The sliders were yummy....perfect. It was my only dessert selection. Wish I'd been more thoughtful and gone and fetched you some other things....although what you've named were pretty much my fave's......we also loved Herb's chili and will you share if you find out about the little crunchies.....I'm very interested. We think our T shirts are spiffy!!! Great design. Shari

  2. You should have said something, we would have stood in for you for awhile. I think we could have handled grabbing the sliders and handing them out. Maybe next time. Melinda

  3. I'm sorry to have missed it this year. Looks like a great turn out. I feel your pain; I am in the midst of making hundreds of cake pops for our pottery Open House. I had Kilby's ice cream while I was in St. Michael's at JoJo's Cupcakes and Cream shop.