Thursday, May 03, 2012

Weekly Wednesday Report

Kevin's mozzarella made a return appearance as the first course for last night's $20.12 menu. 

And last night's entree was one not-to-be-missed - St. Brigid's Farm beef shortribs, braised as only Kevin can braise, served on the bone with some of that reduced braising liquid to make it so good.  What a treat!  We had 18 orders, and we were out by 7:00, no surprise.  I think we lost money on that deal...

 Teddy Bear brought us our first strawberries of the season, locally raised somewhere on the Shore, and they are actually quite tasty!  We got had first strawberry shortcakes on the dessert list last night, the real biscuit kind with real whipped cream.  Spring doesn't get much better than that!

Well, maybe this lunch sandwich special might compete - the BT ABC: Brooks Tavern Asparagus Bacon and Cheese.  The only thing wrong with this sandwich is you really have to use a knife and fork to eat it in public...

It's been a very rough week for the kitchen staff this start of May, which means a very rough start of the week for Him Self.  After being short pretty much half the dinner staff on Tuesday night (thank god it was slow slow slow) plus the day time porter, Kevin needed a hearty breakfast on Wednesday morning.  We started the dish with some potatoes left over from dinner at the neighbor's, a little onion, then some nice greens from the garden.  Some of you, if you had had a childhood similar to mine, might recognize those greens for the weeds they are.  I have a nice bed of this lambsquarter in the middle of my asparagus patch, which this year I have been tending almost as carefully.  I cut some, pull some, thinning as I go, and either steam or saute  for a very tasty source of healthy green.  Sort of like spinach in flavor, having lambsquarter in your garden is certainly a wonderful way to make weeding a little more "appetizing".

Of course we probably counterbalanced any nutritional benefits of the greens with a slice or two of mozzarella cheese, but a couple of Dorsey's bright orange eggs help to reinforce the positives.  It got us through the day, that is the main thing. 

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