Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wednesday's Menu Report

It's gonna be a hot weekend here in God's Country, and we will be armed and ready.  Cold soups, cold platters, cold beer beverages.  Our kitchen is even a refuge when it gets into the 90's outside, crazy as that sounds, but 85 is cooler than 90...

Last night's menu was a good one, but we weren't terribly busy.  I thought everyone would be so excited to see "ribs" on the plate, but apperently not so much.  Still, those who partook enjoyed, especially the first course of beet pasta with walnuts and goat cheese cream.  It was basically Kevin's take on the ubiquitous beet and goat cheese salad, seen on menus everywhere.  My picture did not do it justice:

The rib course consisted of a mixed plate of pork roast and a double baby back rib.  Finger lickin' good!

Dessert, which missed its photo op, was a blueberry-lemon pound cake with yogurt cream.  We have just recently rediscovered the delights of this brown-sugar and Greek yogurt mixture, mostly on fresh berries for a satisfying breakfast dessert.  Last night it was equally successful on the pound cake. 

 Marilyn Klompus, of HomeGrown and Green fame (this is the person who is behind a number of popular local events, including the regularly sold out Farm Dinners on the Shore) sat at the kitchen table last night with her husband Robert, redeeming the certificate they had won at the Taste of the Town auction in May.  They had a fabulous chef's dinner, including one of my favorite Kevin classics, which we haven't seen in years - the crabcake stuffed baked tomato.  I was very jealous of that one. 

Kevin's been a wee bit cranky this week.  Angie is out all week for a family vacation and it has put a serious strain on his work load.  We arranged to have Rayvon on the salads in Angie's stead, and he trained with her for several shifts over the past few weeks, but it still means a lot of extra work for our favorite chef.  Rayvon is an enthusiastic and dependable substitute, but he is still very inexperienced and cannot do a whole lot without supervision. Plus, I think he is a little nervous...  I'll tell you, this is one way to guarantee job security - take a week off in the middle of the summer!  Luckily there are plenty of blueberries for me to make pies with, so the dessert situation, most of which was taken care of in advance, is under control.  

Still no soft shells on our menu.  We've spoken to our favorite purveyor about the situation and apparently the peelers just aren't there.  We missed that first slough of the season.  Hopefully we won't miss the next one.  All that talk about the record breaking supply of blue crabs coming out of the bay this season?  Whassup with that?  It's still sort of early in the season, but everything is coming on ahead of schedule this summer - why not crabs?  We'll see.  We've got a few dozen on order for this Sunday...  And we are on target with our membership in the Maryland "True Blue" club, which is about time!  Our name should be on that exclusive list any day now.

Post Script - aah ha!  Here's the article I've been looking for: Where are the Crabs?  What a relief!

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