Monday, July 02, 2012

Monday Morning in the Office

 I hope that everyone in the listening area has been restored to the world of electricity and running water after Friday night's derecho hit our area hard. 

We got our power back on at home Sunday night around 9:30, making it the longest we've been electric-free since we've lived here.  Luckily the restaurant was never without, so we could "borrow" ice and buckets of water to make life off the gird a little more palatable. On  Saturday that also meant that we could be open to serve those whose power was out, and there were a lot of those all day. Chestertown was lucky to be spared the worst of it, but we cooked for many people, from Still Pond to Cecilton, who woke up to no power in their own kitchens.

In other news:
We have a new linen company, Alsco having bought Linens of the Week, and this week they began their new format of packing the kitchen towels, of which we rent about 150 to 200 a week:

Instead of string-bound bundles of 50, they are now coming in bags of 40, just the way Caitlyn is demonstrating in the above photo.  Instead of paying someone on their staff to fold and stack the towels, they just stuff them into those plastic bags, wrinkles and all.   Price is the same.  

So now we pay someone to fold and stack them - ie. it's the waiters and bussers new job.  Price goes up.

Harrlyn stopped in for a quick visit Friday night, of course keeping mother Nicole and mother-to-be Jenn quite busy.  

Let's look at some food - it's lunchtime and I am hungry!  This is Saturday night's grey sole, served with crab and tomatoes.  The grey sole is a recent entry in the fin-fish line-up and has been very popular.  

 Another popular plate, on Friday night, was the cold sliced SBF sirloin.  Dotted with blue cheese crumbles and a mound of pickled red onion, it sold out fast.  It was obviously the perfect meal on that fatefully hot night.
 The roast pork with tomatoes and mozzarella wasn't too shabby either.   And to see the plates garnished with fresh corn, summer squash and beets - that is what makes the summer seasonal aspect to life at BT so great.  The sides change weekly, instead of monthly!

We are closed on the Fourth of July, so everyone have a great day grillin' and chillin'.  That's what we'll be doing!


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