Friday, July 06, 2012

The Road to Sauce

Most people who eat Kevin's food recognize the genius they discover on their plate.  I know, I know, he's my husband, so of course I'm going to say he is a genius.  But it's true, he and his crew put out some really special food, and they work hard to do it.  The actual "genius" is the effort they go to to ensure that the dining experience at Brooks Tavern is superlative every time.  And, more importantly, that the food stands out from what you might find elsewhere.  That's what this post is about.  Look at what they go through just to make the duck sauce:

The process begins with pans of duck bones being browned on the burners.

Duck bone pan roast!

Then vegetables, similar to the ones he uses when he makes stock, are browned as well.

They simmer with a little red wine.

Next it all goes into a tall stock pot.

Vegetables, bones, wine.

Liquid - water in this case - draws out the flavors.

The whole collection simmers away for several hours.

Four hours later.

Now it is strained through the colander, and the bones are discarded.

What is left in the pot... being strained through the china cap by Rodrigo.

And then this will be strained through a finer mesh strainer one more time...

...before it is ready to become duck sauce.
The result - this beautiful plate of sliced duck breast, enhanced by hours of work to produce the perfect sauce accompaniment.  This is the genius behind the food - time and effort.  Simple!


  1. And don't ever think we all don't appreciate it and know how much heart goes into even if we don't realize how much work is involved in just one component. Melinda

    1. Melinda, the fact that you and others actually do appreciate it is what makes it worth doing!