Thursday, August 09, 2012

Once Again, It's Thursday!

Thursday is actually my favorite day of the work week.  (Notice I say "work" week...)  And not just because Tuesday is behind me.  First of all, Thursday is the last day of the week that I have to get up at at 5:20 AM.  Furthermore, I love working on Burger Night - lots of good people support us in our endeavor on Thursday nights.  And finally, just like everybody else who works five days a week, I embrace the day that promises only two more days til the weekend.

Thursday is also the day of the week that has become scheduled for a blog post, reporting on Wednesdays menu and what ever else touches my fancy of late.  It's a great way to put off facing my desk.

First course on this week's prix-fixe menu was a plate of spaghetti with white clam sauce, one of my personal favorite pasta preparations.  It's probably the only one I would ever order out in a restaurant.  And I actually managed to score a small (leftover) portion at the end of service, which my generous husband kindly reheated in the micro for me!  It was delicious.

Next was a Redman bell pepper, stuffed with chicken and rice.  I wish I could have taken a picture of the little pepper package cracked open, with the filling spilling out.

Dessert was the very English Bakewell Tart.  We've made this many times, with a variety of jam in the filling - this time featured peach.  It is a very tasty pudding, as they say, as good for after dinner as it is for breakfast, with a strong cup of tea.  (Yes, that is what I had this morning, thank you very much.)  Despite Kevin's efforts, it was not a particularly popular night for the menu.  Not sure why, maybe the green pepper was just not what people wanted right now.  We'll find out at lunch today, eh?  Ha!

Robert Fry brought his Mom into dinner last night, and they opted to do the kitchen table.  I think Lorraine really enjoyed the behind-the-scenes look at things, and we certainly enjoyed having her there!  Robert and his partner Judy are planning another of their celebrated Field to Fork dinners come September; you can reserve a seat at the long table here.  They are all about local - food, music, wine, the whole shebang - and sell out fast.  The proceeds raised are directed locally too, this year to the Kent County Middle School's Garden project.  

Interesting sub-story, regarding St. Brigid's Farm - this past Saturday night we entertained a young couple at one of the tall-tops.  She beckoned me over to the table during their meal, to tell me how she had found our place, from an article she had read in the US Air magazine about the "field to fork" trend, which happened to mention St. Brigid's.  The article directed her to the SBF website, where she found  links to places that used their veal and beef, and there is Brooks Tavern.  And here they were, driving over from Annapolis for dinner on a Saturday night.  And it gets even better - seated at the table right next to them was a party including Robert and Judy themselves!  How funny!  Robert went over and spoke to them, which really put the icing on their evening.  Gotta love small town USA.

I've been pretty much making a pie a day, in this season of fruit, and yesterdays was 3-Stone Fruit.  It included peaches, plums and nectarines from Mr. Harlan's Centreville orchard, and while it looks messy in this photo, it actually cut pretty well for a change.

I can't resist closing with this picture of our own supper, from this past Sunday night.  We are getting the Paella making down to a science - even this time at Henlopen State Park campground, where the kitchen facilities are what you can put on the picnic table at your site.  Kevin sure does love cooking over a fire!

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  1. nice to see Robert and Mrs. Fry at the kitchen table. The last picture....well its award winning. If its that appealing to the eye, I can only imagine how good it must have tasted....and the pie too....Yum! Shari