Saturday, August 04, 2012

Someone's in the Kitchen With Kevin

Believe it or not, there are actually some people out there who want to be in the kitchen with Kevin.  I imagine his crew might find that hard to believe, that anyone would ask to hang out for a morning and do prep work for free.

Well, Judy Leigh is one such person.  A weekend Bettertonian, Ms. Leigh is a cook by profession.  She works at a Quaker school in Chad's Ford, where I gather she is in charge of all things food - from teaching technique to fourth graders to fixing lunch for the entire population.  What she doesn't do at her job is handle meat - the school is vegetarian by charter.  Her friend Candi arranged for her to spend a few hours in our kitchen, with our Chef.  She came through the back door bright and early on Friday morning, and  Kevin proceeded to show her the best way to break down ducks.

 After a few pointers, Judy was on her own - albeit with Kevin constantly hovering over her shoulder...

After she broke down a few ducks, Kevin had her chop up the bones for the stock pan.  She wielded that cleaver with great authority!  Hope you had fun, Judy!  And thanks for the mugs of posset - we look forward to that treat this weekend.

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