Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Redman Delivers

Timmy brought our Redman order yesterday morning - a flat of tomatoes, two watermelons, a bushel of corn, another flat of cherry tomatoes, some eggplant and zucchini, and a bushel of romas.  That didn't make a dent in what he was carrying on the back of his pick-up.

Among the haul, at least five boxes of tomatoes,  three of corn, several cantaloupes and watermelon and...

...this entire box of basil was headed down to Jeff at the Fish Whistle!  Wow!  We are small potatoes in Timmy's world, eh?   Thank goodness Jeff has such a big order, it means it's less trouble to stop by BT on the way downtown.  Having the produce delivered is a big part of the product; if we had to pick it up, we probably wouldn't be using it.  Sometimes Kevin will go down to the Farmer's Market and pick up something, but usually that's only when he's caught up enough in the kitchen to leave for an hour.  That doesn't happen very often, especially by Saturday, so we are glad for delivery.

The tomatoes have finally reached their prime, and they are exactly what they should be on the plates:

Look at that!  The top picture is a plate of rockfish "fingers" with slices of field tomato and tartar sauce.  Below that is a plate of the same Redman's tomato with scallops, as a lunch platter.  These are the tomatoes we wait for each summer!

Come on down for some of the best vegetable eating you will get all year!

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  1. There is NO substitute for corn from the
    garden->table. Anything else is mediocre at opinion. Just one more thing I didn't appreciate nearly enough from growing up on a farm. Last night's meal looks delish!!! Maryland time is not too far off...I'm ready for a BT Burger Night. Shari