Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What Real Jumbo Lump Looks Like

Basically, for our crab meat needs, Kevin purchases three grades of Maryland crabmeat - jumbo lump, backfin and claw.  He always orders "jumbo" lump, because he has found that if he orders plain "lump" he'll get what used to be known as back-fin or "special".  And even the so-called jumbo lump has evolved over the years: there might be a layer of jumbo lump on top, but it's not always the pure pieces of lump crab meat you used to find in the plastic pound tubs. One person's jumbo has become another's lump, so he has to be careful. And he usually sticks with a packer that he can trust to be consistent.  He pays around $23 a pound for his favorite brand - Best Yet Crab Meat, packed by W.T. Ruark out of Fishing Creek in Dorchester County.  It's very good; as a matter of fact, it's the best yet!  (ha!) 
Until now.  Last week, Frank sold Kevin some jumbo lump, from Rippon Brothers, packed under the name "Wind Mill", that was reminiscent of the jumbo lump of yore.  Check it out: 

This is the real deal.  It cost $2 more per pound, but you got all lump meat.  Kevin used it over the weekend as the garnish on the fish.  It is beautiful stuff, and of course now he won't want anything but!

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