Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Public Speaking

Believe it or not, Kevin and I do actually get out into the community now and then.  And not only as diners in local restaurants!

Recently, I was invited to speak to the residents at St. Martin's House, in Ridgely, about my experience as a female business owner.  Kevin, a few weeks earlier, spoke to the "Chestertown After Five" ladies, who meet at the Christian Academy.  Both events were on Mondays, which was certainly convenient, and both were quite rewarding experiences.  

Kevin accompanied me to Ridgley, and we were joined by a half-dozen women, of varying age and race, and their multiple children, while we discussed the Bake Inc. business philosophy, including what we expected of ourselves and of our employees.  There were a few questions; we ended up being with the group for over an hour, and left feeling that while we may not have had an impact upon these women's lives, we at least opened up the dialogue regarding life's directions. 

Kevin was asked to give a demonstration as part of his visit to the "After Five" women's group, mostly about how to properly prepare tropical fruit.  The club was having a Luau, and Kevin was going to make a fruit salad using fruit varieties that may not be so familiar, in their natural state, to the home cook.  He brought along a pineapple, a mango and a papaya, and proceeded to prep his way through his allotted time.  His host, Mrs. Foreman, brought some pictures by today for us to share:

Kevin had a great time.  He is such an approachable teacher, and of course the ladies love him!  

We really appreciate the opportunity to do this sort of demonstration.  We get to share our love of food with people of the same ilk, plus it provides us with a venue to boost our industry to the outside world.  Thank you, Kim and Jean, for welcoming us into your organizations!

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