Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Weekend UpDate

Anything to put off inventory work...

The most notable photo in this group from Saturday night is the last one - Kevin's new presentation of the rainbow trout.  Instead of laying the fish on its side, with the shrimp and caper stuffing, Rodrigo now fills each fillet with the shrimp and they bake them with the skin on.  Upon plating, the skin is removed and each fillet is laid carefully, one on the other, on the lemon butter sauce.  It really looks nice.  The top photo is the haddock with roasted tomato.  

It was a busy weekend; both nights were steady with a moderate wait on Friday and a longer one on Saturday, due to several large party reservations.  It went smoothly - thank goodness - both nights, with minimal damage.  

This was the last holiday weekend of the summer, which means a slow week approaching.  We used to take this week after Labor Day as a vacation week, back in the era of the Kennedyville Inn, because it is a pretty quiet time in Kent County. Alas, those days are over, although the week will most likely still be pretty mellow.  Speaking of the Kennedyville Inn, many of you have asked me "what is going on up there?"  We have put an apartment in the second and third floors, where the "party rooms" used to be.  The first floor remains as a kitchen/dining room set-up, and we hope to rent it to a small business eventually.  We're glad to finally do something constructive with the building, and we thank Roy Mears and his crew for putting it all together for us.  

We celebrated the Labor Day weekend by pretty much staying close to home, cooking out on the grill and getting housework done!  We did take a break on Sunday night and ventured out to the Kitty Deck.  It was very pleasant.  There's something to be said about sitting under an umbrella on a deck overlooking the Georgetown Yacht Basin on a warm Sunday night, with all your basic needs taken care of in a friendly and timely fashion, starting with the wine. I had a tasty new (to me) wine - the Infamous Goose sauvignon blanc, from Wild Rock.  I am not familiar with this winery, but if the SB is any indication, it warrants  further exploration.   Wild Rock is in New Zealand, and many people have indicated to me their preference for NZ sauvignon blancs, so that alone guarantees a look-see.

Food wise, we traveled the relatively safe route on the Kitty menu, and all was well.  I was especially pleased with the cream of crab soup - a more refined version than you normally find around here, creamy and rich with plenty of crab, but not that thicker-than-oatmeal style you so often suffer through.   And the crab nachos were not at all what was expected, in a good way.  Rather than that typical pile of tortilla chips, the long rectangular plate held four crisped flour tortilla triangles, each with a dousing of cheese, crab and what I think was an avocado cream.  The tomato salasa would have added to the pleasant experience, had it been on the plate...  Otherwise, we stuck with the basics - coconut shrimp and chicken wings.  Both fine examples of the genre.  The Kitty Deck is one of the better venues for outside dining that we have available to us, within a reasonable drive.  I'm only sorry we didn't make it there a few more times this summer.  

Back at the ranch, we roasted a chicken and a selection of vegetables for our Labor Day dinner.  The humidity of late has definitely been a factor in lifestyle, and the patio is perfect once we get the smudge pots lit! 

The mustard greens from the garden were not my favorite, but everything else was as delicious as only food cooked outside can get.  Thankfully, Labor Day does not signify the end of outdoor cooking.

Okay, back to work.  Thanks for the break!  I need a lot of those on Tuesdays!


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