Friday, September 14, 2012

Surprise Visitors

After graduating from Union College (in 1977), Kevin eventually landed in Baltimore. He moved into a classic, post-college group house, with rotating roommates coming in and going out. Among those coming in to the house was Cranston Dize, a fellow Union College alum, whose family came from the famous waterman town of Crisfield, down the shore from here. They have been good friends ever since, although they did not really know each other at Union. 

Last night, Cranston and his wife Helen stopped by for dinner, which was one of the best surprises Kevin has had in a long time. (Not to mention the kind of surprise he enjoys, unlike the kind he usually gets...)  Cranston is a retired Baltimore City public school teacher, now spending as much time as possible in (literally) his ancestral waters of Crisfield.   His wife remains in the teaching field; eventually they would like to retire together to the slower, lower shore.  Until then, they travel to and fro, and one of their commutes this week brought them to Kent County to visit their son who is working at Echo Hill.  Long story short, they came in to dinner, and spent the evening talking with Kevin from their perch at the kitchen table.

If Cranston looks like a wild man in this photo, that's because he is.

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