Saturday, September 15, 2012

Why I Don't Have Kids and Other Stories

I volunteered to keep Harlynn in the office with me while she waited for Pop-Pop to pick her up.  Did she like being in a cardboard box?  No.

I am better at babysitting for four legged pups - like Emma here, whose mama was having lunch in our dining room on Saturday.  Emma did not like being tethered on the deck, where she couldn't see anything, and was very vocal about letting everyone inside know of her dismay.  She ended up staying in the office with me, where she was a little more content....

Our sports-star Mallory got smashed in the face with a hockey ball on Wednesday,  fracturing the cheek bone and giving her a mild black eye to boot.  She came to work on Friday night, but maybe not such a good idea - she left early, after giving it a valiant effort.  Stay away from that hockey field!

Antwan's dinner Friday was not quite a "pig in a blanket", but more like a "hog on a bed". I am pretty sure that Antwan's favorite part of his dishwasher position here at BT is the shift meal.  He's a hungry guy!

The bruschetta on Friday night's small plate menu was quite popular - even Cathy Redman ordered it, which pleased Kevin to no end.  He loves the idea of selling her the tomatoes he buys from her!

The last shift of the week approaches! Have a great weekend and remember to support your local, independent dining facilities!

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