Saturday, October 27, 2012

Storm Warnings

As we gear up for Sandy's approach, we feel the pain of the DownRigging folks, who have been forced to cancel a good part of their long awaited weekend plans, including everything scheduled for Sunday.  Waking up to the beautiful dawn this morning makes it seem surreal that 24 hours from now we could be hunkered down with the rest of the Atlantic seaboard, but the forecasts are certainly dire. We can't predict how the approaching configuration of weather events will eventually affect our business, but the speculation of widespread power outages is certainly our main concern.  With a walk-in, a freezer and several refrigerators full of (expensive) food, we are going to hope for the best.  For us, the only bright spot is that the whole thing might be confined to the two days we are normally closed anyway.  In the meantime, we don't expect there to be any weather issues  today, and we are ready to serve!  Come. On. Down.  While the sun still shines!

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