Monday, December 31, 2012

3.5 Hours Until Lift-Off!

Kevin and his crew were very productive yesterday, actually finishing up some of the prep work scheduled for today, which gave the day crew the day off this New Year's Eve.  That's got to be a first!  Because of that, we took the group shot yesterday - even though Brittany was not dressed in her whites - because they wouldn't all be together again until next year!

Here is our hard working kitchen crew, minus three dishwashers.  From left to right - Chef Kevin, Cherelle, Mandrell, Rodrigo, Jay, Eric, Brittany and Rayvon.  What a great group of cooks - we thank you very much!

This morning Kevin is doing all those last minutes things, including roasting the prime rib...

I put together my black and white cakes with a minimum of tears (and swear words).

 And Kevin put the lobster sausages into their casings.

Overall it looks like a very exciting menu.  There have been plenty of phone calls today, reservations coming and going, but for the most part we are booked at about 90.  I will post pictures of the results of all of this preparation later this week, but meanwhile, a big Happy New Year from all of us here at Brooks Tavern!

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