Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year!

We made it through New Year's Eve in one piece, and while we lost a few reservations at the end - primarily due to illness raging around the area it seems - we were busy enough to keep us moving all night long.  It took a couple of tables to get the routine down - both on the line and on the floor - and by the end of the night, of course, it was cake.  We only do this five course thing once a year, so it takes some getting used to, all the firing and clearing and explaining.  

Bottom line - the food was great.  Only complaint was that the portion size - especially the entrees - was just too large.  There was a lot of food wrapped up, a lot of desserts taken "to go".  But frankly, I'd rather have that as a criticism than that the portion is too skimpy.  Here's  photographic blow-by-blow:

The hors doueves were basically a cheese plate - blue cheese balls with pecans, marinated feta with olives and crisp cheese cookies.
One of the two first course choices - pastrami spiced salmon with a sauerkraut blintz.

The duck sausage, with foie gras and sunchoke puree, was the second option.

St. Brigid's Farm veal chop - one of three dinner options.

Roseda prime rib of beef was another.

The third choice - hand-cut fettuccine with shrimp, lobster sausage and arctic char.

The flourless black and white cake was one of the dessert choices.
Cardamom almond torte was another.  The salted brittle sundae was probably the most popular selection, which did not get pictured...

The dining room crew - Teverly, Kaitlyn, Ashley, Jenn, Lisa and Nicole.  Missing - bartender Patrick.
Everyone worked really hard to pull this off, especially the kitchen crew, who ended the night with a little extra clean-up, since we were short a dishwasher.  I began my night basically by yelling at my two early servers who were late for their shift, which was certainly not the way I wanted to start New Year's Eve. (Subsequently, their resolutions for 2013 are to be on time for work.)  And while I forgot to wear my Happy New Year headgear,  many of our guests were really dressed up for the occasion, which was very nice to see.  Hopefully the food lived up to the expectations and the evening was memorable for all.  

Happy New Year to everyone, from all of us here at Brooks Tavern!  We will make 2013 our best yet.

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