Thursday, January 31, 2013

Finally, It's January

It's been such a relatively busy month, it's a little dramatic how slow this week has been.  Tuesday night we tied with our slowest dinner on record, and last night wasn't a whole lot better.  There are those who might be wringing their hands and moaning over the checkbook, but luckily we've been through this before.  We make sure we have that cushiion it takes to get through the lean weeks and  take it as a little respite - lots of cleaning to do anyway.   We just hope we get off early.  If it's slow, it might as well be early, eh?

Plus we're saving on payroll.  Tuesday morning found us without a server or a host for lunch.  And of course we had a party of 12 coming in.  Lisa saved the day by interrupting her morning activities to don her black pants and do the job, with Carolyn manning the desk in Teverly's stead.  Yesterday we had a missing daytime dishwasher, and this morning it's Brittany who will not be in her place on the line.  This last one will not put Kevin in very good spirits, as he has alot of work planned for the day, including some of his special projects that he can only get done this time of year, when it is slow and he gets that extra time.  Not today.   Don't talk too much in the kitchen this morning.

The menu was especially creative last night.  The starter was fried polenta on a bed of sauteed escarole and a scoop of ricotta cheese.  Really looked good, and might be the inspiration for an evening small plate.  The talk is to replace the cheese with a poached duck egg.  Yes, you read that right.  Our egg man, the most fabulous David King, who brings us our weekly supply from Church Hill each Tuesday, has also been collecting mallard duck eggs.  Kevin used the last dozen in his pasta, and this week he may fashion a small plate special with the duck egg as the centerpiece.  They are mildly more flavorful than the chicken eggs, but not overpoweringly so.  I think it would be a stupendous dish.

As for entree part of the prix-fixe, it was chicken cacciatore, BT style. Certainly not the way I remember eating it at my cousin's home in the late seventies.  Hers was very good; actually it was my introduction to the dish, so it is the preparation from which I judge all others.  Kevin took it to a new level- the chicken boned and fused into a mound on a bed of risotto and tomato sauce, with the shiitake mushrooms along side.  It looked good, although I would miss that bone-in chicken. 

Only one other food picture to share - the above St. Brigid's Farm beef special from Friday night.  The tenderloin paired with fried oysters.  Of course it was a sell-out, unfortuneately before Robert and Judy could order it.  Personally, I'd just like some of those fried oysters!

See anything unusual back there by the office door?  Who dat?

Someone left us a baby!!

It's Nicole's Harlyn.  Waiting for mom to get off work.  Don't worry, she won't let us interfere with her nap!

A big shout out to Connie Godwin, in the hospital for her bronchitis gone wrong.  Here's a hurry up and get well wish from all of us!  We took good care of Stu last night, so don't you worry about that.

Peace out.

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