Friday, April 05, 2013

260 Pounds of Pork

Yes, that is a little more pig than we had expected.

Laid out on the table, half of the hog is about as big as an adult human.   Kevin laid the two sides, in their plastic shrouds, on the lower shelves of the walk-in until he could get to them after lunch today.

With Mandrell and Dave at the ready, the break down began.  The ultimate goal is to get the sides of pork broken down into more manageable pieces that Kevin can attend to in the morning.

Here's hoping for some free samples when the roasting begins.  The meat looks awesome, a deep red as opposed to the pale flesh you generally associate with pork.

Kim herself (right) delivered the pig, with her friend Pat, and we are extremely gratified to finally have a source for the kind of pork we want to serve at Brooks Tavern.  There are a few more projects in the works (most deliciously a possibility of suckling Black Bottom Farm pig) in the future, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, no disrespect for the pig, but the boys just couldn't help it:

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  1. I was kinda hoping Kevin would do something different with the belly. Bacon is awesome but its not very Kevin to be run-of-the-mill.