Saturday, April 06, 2013

Cutting, Curing, Cooking

Kevin has been working like mad today, getting his 264 pounds of fresh pork into a manageable state.  The job that has to be done first is dealing with the cuts that he wants to cure - the fresher the better for best results.  That doesn't mean some of the other parts don't get attention from the butcher, like the tenderloin below, which will be on tonight's special list.

Isn't the color of the meat amazing?

Here are the loins, holding the jowls and the tongue.

Kevin rendered this fat into lard - and is especially excited about the leaf lard.

The loins - pretty meaty.

Think pork chop.  That's not hard now is it?

The belly will become bacon.

The jowls are the first to be salted down.

They will cure for a few weeks.

The belly is next to get the salt treatment.

Bacon, here we come!

Kevin's lard turned out beautifully.

It doesn't get any fresher - or whiter! - than this!

Don't tell Kevin this, but I don't think he's enjoyed himself much more than he has this week handling this hog.  He loves charcuterie and he loves butchering and he loves to make it all for us to eat.  Next week maybe we'll get to do some of that!

Peace out!

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