Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The Final Pig Post

Kevin spent most of his weekend here at the restaurant continuing with the pig breakdown, finishing up around 4:00 yesterday.  He will be working on the hams this week, and roasting the shoulders for a pork special; the rest got either wrapped for the freezer or ground for the sausage.  It was a big job, but the results are well worth it.  

Here's what Kevin's desk looked like on Saturday, as he was studying up on sausages and salami. 

His other references remained on the desk for easy access.  

The head ended up in the stockpot...

 ...and this was pretty much all that was left to show for the 264 pounds of pork that arrived last Thursday.  Not even the squeal can be found.  Nothing will be wasted; and now for the good part - eating it!

As I mentioned last week, we began with the tenderloin, which produced seven orders for a Saturday night special that sold out by 6:30.  Twin medallions were placed on a mound of soft polenta, with a sauce of rich pork essence and a little demi.  The flavor of the pork proved its worth to our guests and we are really looking forward to the chops that are next to be served.  

Thank you Kim, and thank you Mrs. Pig.  Job well done!


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