Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Wednesday Report

Cornmeal crusted snapper bluefish with a Dijon sauce was the early favorite on the Wednesday prix-fixe this week, and as is usual for a seafood menu, it was a popular choice.
First course was a composed salad of a few mixed greens, some roasted asparagus, and Kevin's fresh mozzarella with a grape tomato vinaigrette.  The vinaigrette was especially tasty with the mozzarella.

The entree of snapper blue fish (meaning baby blue) with Jay's Dijon sauce was quite successful.  More than a few guests were pleasantly surprised by the taste of the snapper blue - because it is a young fish, it has not acquired that dark fishy flesh so commonly disliked in the adult version.  Unfortunately I can only attest to this vicariously.

The classic cream caramel closed out the meal.  We should make this dessert more often, with those incredible eggs we get from David King.  What a difference an egg makes, eh?

In case any of you are wondering about the oyster mushrooms that Bill Schindler brought us last week, here they are, sauteed and ready to be eaten... this case with asparagus and house-cured Black Bottom Farm ham, as a small plate.

So, what is the significance of the above picture?   Why, that is Eric making up the final batch of oyster fritter for the season.  We served the last one last week, until they return to the fall menu in October or November.  Many people will be missing them, myself included, but to all things a season.  How can you miss it if it won't go away, right?

This weekend is not only the Preakness, it's also Graduation Sunday for Washington College.  The latter means we have a few large parties booked for Saturday night, most of which will either cancel, not show up, or become smaller.  And it also means that most of the locals will stay away.  It's always a crap shot of a night, although the no-show thing has much improved since I have become such a dragon about forcing the reservists to confirm their time and number with me on Saturday.  While the situation can still be more fluid than I would like - and in some ways it is not necessarily in their control - it has gotten better over past years.  

And, following all of this weekend's excitement, we have the annual Chestertown Tea Party during the Memorial Day holiday.  My favorite part of this event is the Raft Race, which is always held on MDW Sunday.  This is a not-to-be-missed hilarious spectacle special time on the Chester River at Wilmer Park, attended by all and survived by only the hardy.  

And then it is officially summer!

Peace out!

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