Thursday, May 16, 2013

To Be A LIne Cook - Wish List

It's been a relatively uneventful week. We are still down a man in the kitchen at lunch, so Kevin's work load is doubled. He's not a complainer. He's a business owner. Still, I know he'll be glad when we finally, eventually fill that spot. Speaking of which, there was a bit of a buzz lately about an ad an Indiana restaurant placed on Craig's List, with a long list of requirements for the job. Turns out it was a "joke" ad, and the restaurant not only pulled it but apologized for the misconception of their work place environment. Myself, when I saw the ad, I thought "yeah, that's pretty much what we expect too". Maybe that's why we have such a revolving door in our kitchen! Ya think?? 

Here it is, in its 44 rule entirety:

Except for expecting cooks to work as many doubles in a row as needed, and of course the fact that the wait staff is "fair game", I don't think any of these "rules" are too out of line for a professional kitchen.  That is the way it was in every kitchen Kevin ever worked in, back in the day, especially at Country Fare Inn, including the multiple doubles.  One of our cooks at BT comes very close to having the sort of work ethic which is basically what is being described above, but he is a rare bird anymore.  Is it the times or is it the location?  What ever it is, after 27 years, our expectations in staffing is not up to these 44, that is for certain.  We'd be happy with 5...

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