Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tonight's Prix-fixe Menu

My glasses broke this morning - even before we drifted through the green light on 213 - and so I am writing this with my nose inches from the computer screen, an old pair of glasses with their associated prescription lying basically useless on the desk.  It's going to be a long day.

We have not been able to send out emails since last Thursday.  Something to do with something and a black list.  The whole building is being held hostage.  We can use alternate methods - Google and Yahoo for example - but that involves moving addresses, and who has the energy for that?  So far the timing has not created much of a hardship - I sent my Trader ads in before the breakdown, and most of the other replies and such can wait.  The Wednesday menu however, that's another story.  There are going to be a few people who will wonder why they didn't get the menu in their Wednesday emails.  Hopefully they will check here and on the FB page.

Anyway, here's the email I would have sent out this morning, minus any extra:

Good morning everyone!
Tonight's prix-fixe menu is as follows:
  • Tomato salad (thanks for the idea, Melinda!)
  • St. Brigid's Farm veal meatloaf
  • Bread pudding with caramel sauce
The usual disclaimers apply: price is $20.13; offer is good while supplies last; menu is subject to change; and the regular menu and specials will also be available.

Thank you for your continued support!

Barbara and the crew from Brooks Tavern

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