Thursday, July 11, 2013

Weekly UpDate

I sure am having fun with the new Popsicle mold I got last month.  So far we've made creamy coconut with Malibu rum (this was the first one we made; I have learned since then that you need to stir things up mid-way through the freezing time to evenly distribute any add-ins, in this case the toasted coconut), black raspberry, and lime from the Paletas cookbook.  I made lemonade with our lemonade syrup, and then lemon-lime for obvious reasons, plus a Vietnamese coffee pop that so far is the best.  Today I am in the process of making the spicy pineapple from Gerson's book.  Mostly we've been giving them away to the drivers and such who come through our back door, although the black raspberry is on the dessert list - I think we've actually sold four.  But still, they are very tasty and much more wholesome than the ones I usually buy at the grocery store. The potential combinations are endless. Fresh fruit, minimum sugar, a little rum, maybe a little gin - how could you go wrong?   Welcome summer!

These are the spicy pineapple, going into the freezer this morning.  I have found that our old chopstick "stirrers" are the perfect tool for distributing the bits of fruit and pulp through the ice pop.

 These are going to be good.

The lime ice pop turned out great - thanks Shari! - and beneath that is the original black raspberry.  One more tip for those who are in the Popsicle-paleta-icepop making mode - Dollar Tree sells the wooden sticks at the amazing dollar store price of $1 for 100.  Don't spend the amazon price for those!

I will do the Wednesday prix-fixe menu report in a moment, but first an update on the continuing adventures with our employees.  {Let me start off by saying that this morning was the first in many days where we got the red light on 213, and I say "Hallelujah!".} Tuesday we weren't sure we'd see our two wayward girls - Cherelle and Tiffany - even though we finally did get a text from Tiff saying they'd made it back to town.  When they actually showed up they were sent to the Principal's office for a major sit-down with me.  Of course there were reasons for their absence, some probably justified, but I made it clear that we wouldn't be very happy if anything like this happened again.  I also made it clear - I hope - how important they are to the running of this restaurant.  It would be one thing if we really didn't need their help, but we do, and when they are absent everyone else has to pick up the slack.  As far as the missing Rayvon goes, apparently he was so sound asleep Saturday morning that he just didn't hear Antwan pounding on his door...was this worth risking a speeding ticket for??

But, of course, it doesn't end there.  Does it ever end?  Tuesday everything is business as usual, when, around 5:00 someone says "Where's Eric?"  Where is Eric?  Not in the men's room.  Not out on the loading dock.  Not in the store room or the walk-in.  He's no where.  He's gone.  Eric has left the building.  He's gone.  He left his job.  He walked out the back door, without a word to anyone, for no apparent reason, and walked his way home.  We haven't heard anything from him.  We have no idea what made him decide to book.  No one can figure out what went wrong.  We can't think of anything that anyone said or did Tuesday afternoon that would have set him off.  I guess he just decided that he'd had enough of everything Brooks Tavern, and left. 

Great.  So now here's the scenario - Dashan, the new salad cook who was only recently put into place when Keontra was a no-show a few Saturdays ago, is going to train on Eric's spot on the line, and we've hired an ex-dishwasher to be the new salad cook.  That means that this weekend we will have two very new guys working the line in the kitchen and one very new guy tending the bar in the dining room.  It is going to be a very "interesting" weekend, and I can't wait until we get through it.  Luckily, Jay and Kevin have lots of experience to draw on!  And Jenn and I will keep Charlie straight on his new bar - although he is probably the least of our worries.  And tonight Mandrell is going to work Eric's spot on the burger line, since he has already been there done that; I think we'd probably lose Dashan if we tried to get him to jump in on that mania! 

On with the show!

Last night's menu was excellent, so I don't know what made us be so slow.  Must have been something else going on somewhere.  What ever, those who dined on our prix-fixe enjoyed a very fine meal, starting with a Ham and Corn Custard.  

This picture came out a little blurry - either the table was shaking or I was - but you get the drift.  A warm, savory custard on sliced David King tomatoes with lemon garlic vinaigrette.  I was fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of one at the end of the night. Kevin thought the custard was a little too loose, but I thought it was just fine, creamy and flavorful.

The main course was arctic char with a tomato butter sauce.  The vegetables are all Redman's - green beans with Dijon vinaigrette and corn with zucchini.  Summer is here and the produce is rockin'!

Dessert was perfection - lime bars made with Shari's beautiful Florida limes:

Cherelle made a whole sheet pan of these classic bars, and I think she might make some more later this week, as they were requested by several a la carte diners.  Pucker up!

Only one other photo to share from last night - the grey sole with its so-called "glaze" of crab and tarragon.  Calling a mound of jumbo lump crab meat a glaze is a bit of a stretch, but a delicious one none-the-less.  

Okay, enough of this venting fun on the internet.  I have to start my work.  Until next time, 

Peace Out!

Oh, wait, news flash - Judy Crow just called and we are getting a case of Crow Farm 2011 barbera in this week.  Once again, wine to the rescue!



  1. Another thing I like about Brooks Tavern et figure out how to use what ya' got. You've already done more with those limes then we, the owners of this prolific tree sitting right at our back door. Shari

    1. We definitely are enjoying them! And I love the picture of the tree - I think it must be so cool to grow citrus fruit right in your own back yard! Thanks again Shari!