Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Weekly Report

Starting the day with a power breakfast has been Kevin's and my routine for the past 27 years, following the dietary mandate of the 60's food guru Adele Davis, "Eat breakfast like a King...dinner like a Pauper".  We don't really do this because we want to, we do it because we have to during our Tuesday through Saturday work week (notice I skipped the "lunch like a Prince" part).  Still, it's worked for us - knock on wood we are so rarely sick, except for the seasonal cold, and a lot of that has to be because we try to eat right.  This morning's repast is mostly courtesy of our Texas friend, who brought us his own homemade tamales and a couple of his corn tortillas yesterday.  We added a little jack cheese and some cowgirl candy, and voila!  Breakfast.  Note to Ralph - drop that banking gig and open a Tex-Mex place in the PNC building, you'll be golden!

Now with that all important first meal of the day consumed, I can report on the week of food and other news from 870 High Street...

Let's start with last night's prix-fixe menu. It was nothing ground-breaking this week, but the ever popular meatloaf made by Kevin is always a happy meal for BT guests. 

First off, a spinach salad with butternut squash, roasted onions and an apricot vinaigrette.  A sort of savory/sweet start to dinner, not inappropriate with the meatloaf to follow.

This was actually some very good meatloaf, as confirmed by several diners, one of whom said it was the best she'd ever had!

Dessert was another repeat performance - apple crisp, made with some local Terry Anthony apples.  I wanted to have that for breakfast this morning, but calmer heads prevailed...

It was a mildly busy night; the menu was a draw, but I think the oyster fritter was bigger!


A few other reasons to eat at Brooks:

 Burger Mania!

St. Brigid's Farm "Surf and Turf" featuring their pastured veal,
 beneath ricotta cheese and roasted shrimp.

Pasta with house-made mozzarella and tomato.

And the latest, greatest vegetable of the day - Redman Farms cauliflower!  Who knew cauliflower could taste this good?  I have had customers look up at me in alarm this week or so, since this preparation has been on the plate, and say "I hate cauliflower, so why am I loving this so much?!".   I am serious - at least three or more times a night, someone has commented on how good the cauliflower is!  Personally, I consider that one of our hallmarks - the vegetables that garnish the plates are not just "vegetable medley", they are creations in their own right, changing with the season.  And heads up - beets are on the horizon!

Speaking of veal, another whole SBF calf came in last week, and as is his routine, Kevin spent most of Monday breaking it down, once he got the two sides into manageable quarters.  

He is the man with the knife!  He is making some veal sausages with much of the trimmings from this 198 pound calf, curing in the walk-in right now, and should be on the menu as "white" sausages this time tomorrow!  As for those ribs?  Those are mine!

I leave you with another example of what happens when the camera remains unattended on the kitchen tall-top.  Cherelle, Tiffany and Mandrell of the day crew get in the act.  Along with Abby, Kevin has a tremendous day crew.  Sure, he and Cherelle have their "moments", but so far they've worked out their disagreements to the benefit of all. When everyone is here (ha!) we sincerely have some high quality people doing a high quality job.  Thanks guys!

Peace out!

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