Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday's Weekly UpDate

Got our Redman pumpkins for the dining room this week!  Bill delivered six little pumpkins on  Tuesday, just in time for the fall weather to commence!  This morning we turned the heat on in the dining room, to combat the dreary climate outside - although we sure do need the rain!

Last night's menu was totally pork-free!  which is a first for a while, and made more than a few diners happy with a seafood selection for the entree.

Starter was nothing new - a bruschetta with mozzarella:

A few olives, a little lettuce, some balsamic vinaigrette and bingo! appetizer appears.

Tilapia, resting on a mound of roasted early fall vegetables, some fried polenta and a bit of lemon butter sauce on top, comprised the seafood entree.  Dessert was the fall-appropriate pumpkin bread pudding, of which there is no picture.  Overall a good menu, nothing ground breaking but satisfying, and something for the non-meat eaters to select for a change.

Speaking of which...non meat eaters I mean.  There's a story from last night to go with this. First of all,  I have worked in places where any requests for "vegetarian", let alone vegan, would be met with scorn and denial.  Not Kevin. His kitchen has always, since the very beginning, put out a mighty good vegetarian or vegan plate, which ever is requested, although the vegetarian is much more common.  We have a few regular requests for that every week. Last night's situation was our effort to try to assure a non-meat eater that we could make them happy.

 Two people came in during the course of the evening, basically to see what we were all about - she has a daughter at Washington College (or "Wac", as she referred to it), and had never been to our place.  They stopped at the desk to check out the menu, and the gentleman half of the pair relayed that he was vegan.  I confidently explained how we would be pleased to accommodate his dietary requirements, mentioning that we had just prepared two vegan meals for a couple a few nights earlier, to their pleased satisfaction.   I had no sooner begun my little spiel when he interrupted me to expand, well, he does eat a little dairy, some butter and such.  Really?  I'm like, well, then, you are not vegan.  What  I said was, well, we can do vegetarian too, but there is a difference and Kevin would need to know which it was.  "Oh", he insisted, "vegan, but I do eat a little butter, some Parmesan cheese and such".  I desperately wanted to look down at his feet to see if he was wearing leather shoes, but instead I just said that we could make him whatever he wanted, as long as we knew exactly what he could and could not eat.

Never mind.  We didn't have a beet salad, which is what she explained he really wanted.  So they opted to sit at the bar and have a glass of wine and a snack and then head on down to the Fish Whistle, for their beet salad. Fine. Let Charlie handle it.  Which he did, with grace, and they had a crabcake with their wine, and went on their way.

About twenty minutes later they are back.  And they want dinner - the Fish Whistle was having some sort of private function.  Seeing as it was nearly 8PM, our closing hour, I hustled them to a table and sent Jenn over this time, to get their order.  Which of course took a bit of time.  But eventually the lady ordered the swordfish (grilled, dry, no salt) and the gentleman ordered a vegan entree, which would be pasta.  


About ten minutes later - with their meal being the last one ordered and just about ready to plate up - the gentleman decides he wants the swordfish too.  When Jenn explains that it is too late to change his selection, he insists that he will have both, pay for both, as long as he can get the swordfish.  Now it's my turn - and I have to tell him that unfortunately the kitchen is closed and their dinners are the last ones being plated up even as I speak.  He is disappointed, but I point out that maybe his dining partner will give him some of her swordfish?

I check back to the table a few minutes into it and they seem relatively content.  He asks for some Parmesan cheese for his vegan pasta dish. 

I never do see what kind of shoes he is wearing.

Vegan, vegetarian, paleo, pescatarian - it's all the same to me!  You tell us what you want and we will make it for you! 

But there are limits, eh?

Peace out!

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