Thursday, October 10, 2013

Worthy News Gets A Post All Its Own!

Welcome Back!

Do I need to even write any commentary, regarding this photo?  The oyster fritter is probably the most anticipated menu selection at Brooks Tavern, and was venerated as well at the KVI and of course at the Ironstone Cafe, where it all began with Sylvia Sherry Little's recipe, probably in 1987 or so.  As soon as we reach the first "R" month, the requests for the fritter begin, and this year the second week of the second "R" month saw oysters that suited Kevin's stringent requirements, and the first oyster fritter of the season made its way onto a customer's plate on Tuesday night.  Back for the Season.  

And even bigger news!  With the arrival of Eliza Abby on the lunch line, Kevin finally feels he has someone else he can trust to cook the oyster fritter satisfactorily, so, there will be, for the first time in many years, a fritter available at lunch as well.  It will be a little smaller than the dinner version - as well as being less expensive - and it will also come with a different sauce, alongside a green salad.  Kevin is working on the sauce right now - something lemony but not buttery, to make a more lunch-friendly contrast.

Yay!  That is the best news yet!

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  1. Yeah!!! The waitstaff always knows what I will order - "oyster fritter, garden salad with blue cheese" - year in and year out - can't get enough!! There are other "oyster fritters" worthy of the title anywhere in the world.