Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Is there anything better this time of year than a room full of poinsettias?  This may look like a stall on Main Street, but it is actually the Poinsettia Room at Anthony's Florist. There are not too many things that will put you in a more festive mood than a stroll through that GreenHouse in December. 

Except for some seasonal greens, which will get added later,  we are all dressed up for the Holly Daze.   Lights on the Horns, lights on the Deck, Poinsettias and Christmas balls, Cork Wreath on the door and Christmas Quilts on the walls.  Done!  Plus there's a bit of snow outside to keep it seasonal!

Of course, for the kitchen crew it is all about New Year's Eve.  We should have that menu on this Blog tomorrow or the next day, once Kevin gives it the thumbs-up.  Meanwhile, we'll be playing some seasonal tunes, keeping things cozy and bright; eggnog is next on the list!

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